6 Tips for Spending Your Christmas Vacation in Tulsa

By on December 16, 2015

Think Tulsa’s not a great location to spend your winter break, well think again with these 6 great activities we’ve hand selected for you.

Many Tulsans have family coming in for the holidays and it can be difficult to choose which of myriad of wonderful things about our city to experience with them. Brian and I are getting married in a couple weeks and his family will be in town for 6 days. We are so excited to see them, and we want to make sure they have a great time while they are here. So we’ve put together this list of things to do around town and thought we would share it with you!

Make the best cheese plate using cheeses from Reasor’s!

Hasty-Bake Grilled Apple with Humboldt Fog Cheese Board by Chef Trevor Tack

Brian and I love to take cheese plates when our friends and family have us over for dinner, or to make when someone is coming over and it isn’t really a meal time. It’s fun to pick everything out together and it’s always a nice surprise for the ones we get to share it with!

I used to have my go-to Reasor’s stores who had the cheese counters, but luckily for all of us, they are putting them in most of the other locations now. I really am way too excited about it!

Our cheese plates usually have the following components:

3-4 Types of Cheese
Some of our go-to cheeses are as follows:
Montforte Gorgonzola Cheese which is a 90 day aged cows cheese made in Wisconsin
Cahill’s Farm Original Irish Porter Cheddar which adds really great color to the cheese plate
El Greco Manchego Cheese which is a sheep’s milk cheese that is aged for 6 months
Cypress Grove Chevre Humboldt Fog an aged goat milk cheese

1-2 Fresh Fruits
We almost always use grapes and will sometimes use strawberries as well if they are in season.

A Dried Fruit
Some great dried fruits we like to use are figs and apricots. We do dried apples too sometimes which are lovely and a great alternative to bread or a cracker.

A Nut
Pecans and Walnuts are my favorite to use and I like to drizzle honey on them to add a little sweetness.

A chutney or jam
We really have fun with this one, and pick a totally different one every time. Think strawberry balsamic or jalapeño. The sky is the limit.

Crackers and Bread
I like to do an assortment of cracker-like items. We will usually do mini toasts or crostini, a pretzel crisp, and some assorted crackers. That way there is something for everyone.

2. Send the guys out for the best classic, hometown burger in Tulsa at Claud’s!
My fiancé loves a great classic hamburger. So when his dad and brothers are in town, I know exactly were to send them!

Many say that Tulsa is a burger town, and when it comes to the classic American cheeseburger, Claud’s is the most consistently delicious representation of that classic burger heritage. Claud’s Hamburgers is a place where the best memories can be created in a nostalgic atmosphere.

Brian’s favorite burger to order is the double cheeseburger, stacked, with onions grilled in, raw onions, and everything on it. He has his burger with a side of fries, cole slaw and a classic coke. The burgers are grilled to perfection on a flattop, and are always moist with perfectly melted cheese!

3. Go out for a nice dinner on the town at SMOKE on Cherry Street!

When we want to take out of town guests to an affordable yet upscale local spot with great service, we always choose SMOKE. We love to show our friends an family the quaint Cherry Street area at a restaurant where we know the quality of the dishes is consistently superb.

We almost always get the Bacon Jam as an appetizer. They serve it on a board with crostini, goat cheese, and arugula and we always have so much fun building our own bites!

They also have some great cocktails with house infused liquors, but I usually stick to my favorite-a classic dirty martini.

We’ve never had a steak at Smoke we didn’t like. The first time we dined there together was when we first started dating and we continue to go back over and over. You really can’t go wrong when the steaks are prepared over, you guessed it, smoke.

4. Get out on the ice as a family!
IMG_8391Brian’s family is from California so they don’t get many opportunities to play in the cold. That’s why we thought his nephews would love going ice skating Downtown!

Winterfest is open to the public for 52 days this year, which gives everyone a chance to enjoy skating beneath Tulsa’s beautiful skyline. You can rent skates or bring your own to take in what has become one of Tulsa’s favorite holiday traditions!

You can visit http://smgspecialevents.wix.com/tulsawinterfest for more information!

5. Enjoy a Day at the Spa because everyone needs a day of relaxation!
spa lux tulsa massage
Brian’s sister always looks forward to coming to Tulsa because she and I have made it a tradition to go to Spa Lux together when she is in town.

Not only is Spa Lux Tulsa’s most award winning day spa and massage destination, but it is also my favorite one!

Christine usually gets a sports massage or deep tissue massage, while I get a Swedish massage. Then we get a side by side anti-aging facial.

They have a great steam room and sauna as well! We love it!

Spa Lux Day Spa

8922 S Memorial Dr, Tulsa, OK 74133
(918) 615-3339

6. Check out some local entertainment at Circle Cinema!

The Circle Cinema is Tulsa’s independent and non-profit art-house movie theatre, showing independent, foreign, and documentary films.

Films include:

• Current documentaries, independent and foreign films
• Film premieres of locally produced and directed films
• Film festivals
• Films co-sponsored by Tulsa non-profit organizations for their audiences
• Films created by filmmaking classes – high school and college
• Events which include film, speakers, and audience involvement

The Circle Cinema is located at 12 South Lewis Tulsa, Oklahoma 74104

There are many other wonderful things to do in Tulsa this holiday season, but I only have time to name a few. Whatever you and your family decide to do, we wish you a very safe and Merry Christmas!

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