Local Bar Businessman Opens “What the Kale?! Salad Bar”

By on April 1, 2017


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This week local businessman Jared Jordan of MixCo opened What the Kale?! Salad Bar just outside of downtown Tulsa, looking to capitalize on what many in food industry have noted to be a now defunct trend. However, this has been a lifelong dream for Jordan and he remained undeterred right up until his soft, wilted opening yesterday.

“Most people in Tulsa don’t know this about me. I like salad. No, I mean, I really like salad.” said Jordan as he closed his eyes.

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 What the Kale?! Salad Bar is located at 666 West K Street in the up and coming Critical Pickle District near downtown Tulsa. When asked about the name, Jordan explained that he and his partners originally contemplated names like “The Bigly Salad” and “Triple 6 Salad Bar”.  Jordan landed on “What the Kale?!”, but admittedly still fears retribution from the overly litigious photographer with a penchant for blogging and his “What the Ale” beer blog that often features the ramblings of local beer baron Wes (aka “Less”) Alexander.  When pressed about this potential conflict Jordan replied with a wry grin and a wink, “I can deal with whatever Tom wants to plate up. If he wants to drench my Kale in Russian dressing and pile on cheddar, I say bring it.” Jared Jordan’s head scratching use of Kale metaphors are endless.

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“A Bar is a Bar.” This is Jordan’s expressed motto.

The visionary Jordan, who has been in the bar business for most of his life, sees the symmetries in the cocktail and salad bar business where no one else does. “The bar business is just giving people what they want. Seems like a no-brainer to open a salad bar.” He also added, “My investors have my back. They know what I’m capable of.”

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As one might expect from the name of this bold concept it will feature only Kale salad. “Kale is hot right now, not like wilting, but you know what I mean”, offered Jordan describing the green that has been arguably forced on carnivores as health food. When asked about offering only Kale, Jordan admitted concern. “No macaroni salad, no mixed greens… Ya, this is a big gamble, but I’m stepping up to the plow.” Jared’s clever use of metaphor is something the local industry has grown fond of.

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Jordan believes that the “way” you can get your Kale (chopped, whole, blessed, or blended) will be the game changer, and he remains resolute in his assertion that he is on the forefront of the returning salad trend. “It’s all cyclical – you know cycles of circles. Ups and downs and round arounds. It’s the way of the people not the say of the people. Ya feel me?  Just look at what is happening with the McNellie’s Group bringing back Jordache jeans. It’s the exact same thing…” Jordan continued to sip a Kale shake with a carrot juice back while rambling with the confidence of a man who cares little for what words mean.

Perhaps Jared Jordan is on to something with this “all trends die for lack of trying” philosophy. If nothing else, his enthusiasm and perplexing statements are mildly entertaining.

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