Line Out the Door Opening Day at Burn Co.

By on February 6, 2014

It’s not hype. Adam Myers and Robby Corcoran are doing BBQ like no one else in Tulsa and they are experiencing the growth and excitement that one would expect to result from the passion they bring to their business.

BurnCo Line Out The Door in Tulsa

After just a few hours of rest, the duo is up and working by 4:30AM preparing to serve the city’s best ribs and house made sausages at lunch. On this day, opening day at their new location at 18th and Boston, the line started to form outside at 9AM. The day?January 28th, 2014. The temperature? 19 degrees fahrenheit. Our party arrived at 11AM and we thrilled to be inside and out of the cold by noon. Ten minutes later Adam broke away from the kitchen and bellowed out: “Thank you all for coming! Thank you for your patience! This is much more than we expected – and now I’m going back to kitchen to make sure what your waiting for doesn’t suck!” The 100 or so people waiting in line – tortured by the smell of the Q cooking – let out a round of friendly laughter.

As I looked at this long line of people that had been steadily moving toward an opportunity to place an order for over an hour, I remarked to the friends in my party: “Man, you got to love Tulsa. You think everyone here just told their boss as they walked out the door ‘Hey, I’m going to Burn Co on opening day – not sure when I’ll be back.‘?”
Inside BurnCo Restaurant
By 12:40 we had placed our order, and by 12:50 the almost 2 hour wait was long forgotten as we devoured our first rack of delicious baby back ribs. ($10 for a small order, $12 for a large) I developed a strategy on the spot:
BurnCo Hasty-Bake Ribs
1) Consume the first rib quickly without sauce.
Drizzle sauce across the beautiful bark of the next rib, then consume.
BurnCo Babyback Ribs
The char that these guys put on their ribs is ridiculous and the open kitchen reveals the crew cooking these beauties on 12 Hasty-Bake grills set underneath an enormous vent hood in the center. Adam and Robby are proud of every rack they send out – and rightly so. The crispy charcoal fired crust blends with the tender smokey meat that clings to the bone just enough to give your teeth something to pull while your taste buds say thank you.
You can’t go wrong with any of the other classic BBQ options. My date ordered the pulled pork sandwich ($5) and said after her first bite, “Dude, this is no joke. Perfectly salty and juicy. This is how I like my meat!

Burn Co. became well known at their former location across from TU on 11th for selling out of their ribs every day for lunch. But, what you may find surprising is how unbelievably great their house made sausages are. When you order the jalepeno /cheddar or the lava link or the original bratwurst ($5-$6) these are the careful and thoughtful creations of Craig who works as Burn Co’s full time butcher and master of sausage. Hmmm… “Sausage Master”.. Craig, we will let you decide whether you want to own and accept that title or not. Titles aside, the decision to offer these links (and other house chops) for purchase from their new meat market is a welcome one. (Sausages & Brats from 4.99/lb – 6.49/lb, Steaks from 12.99/lb – 24.99/lb, Brisket and Ribs for $5.99/lb and Boneless Pork Chops for $5.49/lb)
BurnCo Meat Deli

Craig walked me through the development process of how each sausage recipe was created. He doesn’t stop tweaking a recipe until he, Adam, and Robby know that it’s right. And, count on this, the first time you taste one of these fresh off the Hasty Bake you will know it’s right too. Craig also informed me that he will custom cut a steak as thick as you like anytime you come in hungry for one of their chops. Ah yes – next time. I see a 3.5 inch hand cut ribeye, medium rare, in my future next week. (Standard cut Steak and Potato: $20)

The dining room is simple and to the point: 15 thick wooden picnic style tables that seat 6-8 people each lined in rows. What used to be the stage area at the former Tree House has been raised with wooden railing added. The bar sits empty for now, but soon Burn Co. will offer a full bar with 14 beers on tap featuring mainly local craft brews.

For now, I settled for a Miller High Life that Craig poured me in a red Solo cup because I flat out refuse to eat BBQ without a beer if it’s available. Next time I’ll be washing down this serious Q with a Marshall, COOP, or Prairie Ale. I ran into JD Merryweather, Operating owner of COOP, and he said he hopes and expects Burn Co. to offer at least their F5 and Gran Sport Porter on tap.

OK, enough about beer, I’m getting thirsty. The bottom line is this: Yes, these guys have kinks to work out, a bar to open, and a website to build – but they are just getting warmed up. Get ready Tulsa. With this new location, their heart, and their rocking great product Adam, Robby, and their team are here to stay. And, I think, so is the line every time they open the doors.

Burn Co. Barbecue
1738 S. Boston,
Tulsa, Oklahoma
(918) 574-2777

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BurnCo Hasty-Bake

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