New Dishes at JINYA Ramen Bar!

By on August 8, 2017


We got word that our favorite place to enjoy ramen in the Blue Dome District downtown, JINYA Ramen Bar, had some new dishes so we showed up and ordered a table full of new dishes to try. We suggest you do the same! We took some pictures of each dish for you to ogle and encourage you to try each of these dishes for yourself!

~ Here is a close up view of each of these new dishes ~


Crispy Chick Peas
lightly fried chick peas tossed in JINYA spicy curry salt


Wasabi Peas

Beef Sukiyaki Bowl
slow-braised beef sukiyaki, onion, onsen tamago, green onion

Sukiyaki Tofu
braised beef, onion, fried tofu, green onion


clear chicken broth: ground pork, bean sprouts, green onion, cilantro, chili paste, onsen tomago, sesame seed, with thin noodles


Sukiyaki Q Ramen
pork broth: beef sukiyaki, green onion, onsen tamago, with thin noodles

Finish your meal with one of JINYA’s new Block Pops
Choose from with their triple berry white chocolate pop or their green tea pistachio pop.

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