Memories of Japan – Broken Arrow Sushi

By on August 7, 2008

So a friend of mine found out that I had never had sushi and freaked out.  He said that I had to try it.  Well folks, needless to say, I was not looking forward it at all.  I have a tough time just eating fish period…now I am suppose to eat it raw…FREAKIN’ RAW!!!!!!!!  Yuck, right?  I mean being a redneck, I have eaten some things that others squell at like squirrels, rattlesnake, etc…but nothing raw.  What about all the diseases on everything????

Memories of Japan- Broken Arrow Sushi

So we pull up to Memories of Japan on 71st and 145th….in the Walmart shopping center next to Vintage Stock.  It didn’t look like much on the outside honestly.  I go in and a nice lady took me to my seat.  The setting is simple, nice, and pleasant.  As I looked at the menu, I was looking for a “safe choice” that I could live with like sweet and sour chicken or something.  Then my friend ordered for me!!!  He ordered the Sushi Boat.  It was a ton of different kinds of sushi.  I was shocked that it was only $19.99.  My friend said that it was close to the best sushi around and definitely the most for your money…therefore he and his wife are frequent diners there.

I tried to drink as much Dr. Pepper that I could so my belly would be full so I would not have to eat what was sure to be the scariest thing in my life.  It started with a salad with a dressing that did not look enticing at all.  God honest truth…it was good.  I thought, “Okay…maybe this won’t be so bad”.  BUT THEN THE SUSHI BOAT LANDED ON THE TABLE!!!

Oh God, please kill me.  My heart was thumping.  I was a wimp…a sissy.  I did not want to taste that crap.  I grab the chopsticks and my first sushi…california roll.  My friend said to dip it in the soy sauce.  I knew that I like the sauce so I drowned it!!!! Ha, ha!!!!

I took the bite…the whole roll in one big bite.  I could not believe it.  I actually liked it!!!!  It tasted fresh.  It was unlike anything else I have ever eaten.  The texture of everything in the california roll was really diverse.

Memories of Japan- Broken Arrow Sushi

So within the next week, I went again!!!  So it is not like pizza for me, but I have to admit that I can now finally say that I like sushi.  I feel like a man now.

You a sushi fan???  What kind???  Got a particular kind for me to try?  Tell me what your favorite is and why…

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